Free and Accepted Masons


Phoenix Lodge #115 Free and Accepted Masons By-laws 
(Amended May 2, 2017) 

Article I  Name, Power and Communication
(See Book of Constitutions and Masonic Law)

Section 1. This Lodge shall be distinguished and hailed by the name of Phoenix Lodge No. 115 of Dansville, NY, and possess all the powers and privileges conferred by a Warrant granted by the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons in the State of New York.
Section 2. The Stated Communication of the Lodge shall be held on the First Tuesday of every month at 7:00 p.m. at the Masonic Temple in Dansville, NY.  A Social Meeting shall be held on the Third Tuesday of every month at 7:00 p.m. at the Masonic Temple in Dansville, NY.
Section 3. Special Communications may be called by the Master, or in his absence, by the Senior Warden, or in the absence of both, by the Junior Warden. No business may be transacted which is not specifically stated in the notice.
Section 4. No Communications will be held on a legal holiday.
Section 5. The Master may close Lodge after the 1st meeting in June until the 1st Tuesday in September or any part thereof at his discretion.
Section 6. The Master may open a Stated Communication earlier than 7:00 p.m., but after 5:00 p.m. and transact only regular Lodge business for the purpose of conferring degrees earlier or attending another Lodge the same evening.

Article II  Officers, Elections, Installations and Duties
(See Book of Constitutions and Masonic

Section 1. Election of Officers will take place annually on the first meeting after the Grand Lodge Convention. Installation of Officers will take place during the first communication held in June.
Section 2. The elective officers of this Lodge shall consist of a Master, Senior Warden, Junior Warden, Treasurer, Secretary and three (3) Trustees.
Section 3.
The appointed officers of the Lodge shall consist of a Senior Deacon, Junior Deacon, Senior Master of Ceremonies, Junior Master of Ceremonies, two (2) Stewards, Marshall, Chaplain, and Tiler, or any other officer the Master deems necessary.
Section 4.
No member shall hold two (2) elected offices at the same time in this Lodge.
Section 5.
No member shall be eligible to hold office if his dues are not paid for the ensuing year.
Section 6.
In addition to the duties of the Secretary listed in the Book of Constitutions, it shall be the duty of the Secretary to: 1. Report to the Master at the first Communication in October the names of all members in arrears in dues for one (1) year. 2. To deliver to his successor in office all of the books, seal and other Lodge property in his possession.
Section 7.
It shall be the duty of the Trustees and the Treasurer, to hold in trust for the Lodge, in a safe deposit box, all stocks, securities and investments and property belonging to the Lodge. No exchange of sale to be made without the order of the Lodge. All three (3) Trustees and the Treasurer shall have access to all Lodge properties listed above.
Section 8.
The Trustees shall meet prior to, and report at the Annual Communication, the condition of the finances and property of the Lodge under their control. It shall be their duty to see that the property of the Lodge is insured against fire.
Section 9.
It shall the duty of the Trustees to audit the books of the Secretary and Treasurer prior to the Annual Communication each December.

Article III Qualifications for Membership
(See Book of Constitutions Section 340, 341,346 and 701)

Article IV Petitions for Degrees, Affiliation or Honorary Membership
(See Book of Constitutions)

Article V Dues, Fees and Assessments
(See Book of Constitutions Section 371)

Section 1. The fee for initiation in this Lodge shall be $100.00. The minimum deposit with the petition shall be $25.00, the remainder to be paid before entering Lodge.
Section 2.
The fee for affiliation shall be $10.00 in addition to Grand Lodge charges. Total fees to accompany the petition.
Section 3.
The annual dues shall be set at the first communication in November of each year for the following year and shall be payable on or before December 31of the current year.
Section 4.
A Brother under financial stress, upon written request, may be granted the privilege of paying only Per Capita tax by a majority vote of the Lodge and thereby retain membership. This written request must be submitted each year the waiver is required. The Lodge may also vote to pay the Grand Lodge assessment for any brother in financial need only. Waiver from Grand Lodge assessment is possible for Brothers in need. The Lodge may vote to submit a Certificate of Waiver of Grand Lodge Per Capita Dues through the District Deputy Grand Master to Grand Lodge. This waiver is only good for one (1) year also and must be submitted again in subsequent years of need.
Section 5.
Any Brother Seventy-five (75) years of age with a minimum of twenty-five (25) consecutive years of service shall be permitted to pay only Grand Lodge Dues plus $12.00.

Article VI Compensation for Duties

Section 1. The Treasurer and Secretary shall be granted the right to pay Grand Lodge Dues and have their Lodge dues waived.

Article VII Committees
(See Book of Constitutions and Masonic

Section 1. The Finance Committee shall consist of the Master, Wardens, Treasurer, Secretary and Trustees.
Section 2.
All Lodge standing committees shall be appointed annually by the Master.

Article VIII Funds Distribution, Appropriations and Charities
(See book of Constitutions and Masonic

Section 1. No part of the funds of this Lodge shall be expended for other than Grand Lodge Dues, Charity and ordinary Lodge expenses.

Article IX Penalties

Section 1. Any member of this Lodge may be unaffiliated for non-payment of dues after being in arrears one (1) year following the process laid out in Section 367 of the Book of Constitutions. Lodge dues are due and payable on January 1 of the year indicated on the dues card. A member is in arrears one (1) year on January 1 of the following year.
Section 2.
Any member of this Lodge who shall violate any of the rules or regulations contained in the foregoing By-Laws, of be guilty of unmasonic conduct, shall by order of the Master, be duly summoned to appear and answer for the same, and in case of willful refusal or neglect to obey such summons, may be expelled from the Lodge, after due trial in accordance with the laws and usages of the fraternity.

Article X Amendments
(See Book of Constitutions Section 319 and the Masonic
Law Sections 612 and 613.)

Section 1. Any portion, or the whole of these By-Laws, except such sections as by their terms require unanimous consent to modify, alter, change or effect, may be amended or annulled, or otherwise substituted in their stead, at the will of the Lodge, provided that the Ancient Landmarks of the Fraternity, and the Constitutions, Statutes and edicts of the Grand Lodge be carefully maintained. All propositions to amend or annul any or all of these By-Laws, or to substitute others in their stead, must be made in writing, read before the Lodge, then lie over until a summoned Communication when a vote shall be taken, the assent of two-thirds (2/3) of the members present shall be necessary for the adoption of such proposition.
Section 2.
Any act or edict of the Grand Lodge, which has the effect to alter any part of these By-Laws, shall be deemed as an amendment without an action on the part of the Lodge.
Section 3. All former By-Laws of this Lodge are by adoption of these, declared null and void.

By-Laws last modified at summoned communication on May 2, 2017.